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The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold
I did listen to the Rippercast roundtable discussion of the book, on Sunday, when the podcast came out. It's almost two hours long and a lot to process, so I'm still sorting through my reactions and impressions.

If you've listened to it, or have read the book already, feel free to chime in.
Okay so one of the main things about this book - which you’ve probably heard even if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet - is the theory that the women were all killed in their sleep, which means four of them (minus Mary Jane, who had her own small room) were sleeping rough. The fact that these women were murdered in a way that didn’t give them time to cry out has been a bit troubling for theories, since the details in the coroner’s reports and the newspapers afterward seem to show that the women’s throats were slit when they were lying down, and that no one heard any disturbance around the time of their murders.

Other theories throughout history have been that the Ripper murdered them in the middle of sex - or at least once the women had lain down to accommodate sex - or that he strangled them first so that they were unconscious when their throats were cut. This second one especially comes from details of bruising or multiple cut marks on the women’s necks, along with the observation that it was highly unlikely that the women would have willingly lain down in the middle of the street for sex.

At any rate, the idea that the women were murdered in their sleep is right up there with - and indeed connected to - the claim that the women were not seeking customers for sex work on the nights of their murders, or that some of them had never been sex workers in their lives. So: what do you think? Could these women have been murdered in their sleep?

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