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sale through Nov 30 - women's studies books
In case anyone is interested, McFarland is having a sale for 20% off women's studies books. Here's the flipbook, and this is the email I got from them about how and why they chose the titles:

Quote:The Women’s March in January 2017 ignited a new sense of urgency in women’s activism. Conversations about sexual violence, masculinity and the complexities of gender have made their way into the mainstream, refusing to be ignored. The women’s movement has not only grown larger, but has evolved, with new voices helping us better understand the importance of intersectionality and thoughtful, holistic activism. Here at McFarland, we’ve curated a collection of books that further shape the discourse—books on historical 'nasty' women, academic texts about the most vulnerable members of society, and essays on the movement’s new life. Whether you’re a casual reader looking for some womanly inspiration, or a scholar hoping to better understand social issues, our women’s studies collection can help you learn about the women who have spoken, protested and persisted. When you order direct from our website using the coupon code WOMEN18, print editions of all women's studies books are 20% off now through November 30.

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