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Emma Elizabeth Smith
Emma Elizabeth Smith's death is usually connected only tangentially to the Canonical Five, generally as an example of the brutal life facing sex workers in the East End. She died on April 4, 1888 as a result of injuries from a brutal attack.

Very little is known about Emma Elizabeth Smith, although she may have had two children. According to Inspector Walter Dew - famous for being the man who caught Dr. Hawley Crippen when he fled as a suspect in his wife's murder - she didn't tell her friends much other than that she was a widow and wasn't in contact with anyone from her old life.

On April 3, Smith returned to her lodging house and reported that she'd been attacked by two or three men. Since the Ripper is assumed to have worked alone, this is one reason why she is not usually included in discussions of the Ripper murders. The lodging house deputy and another lodger helped Smith to the hospital, but she slipped into a coma and died the next day. It was discovered that a blunt object had been inserted into her vagina, rupturing her peritoneum. The police were not informed until April 6 when they were told of the inquest scheduled for the following day. The inquest returned a verdict of murder by person or persons unknown and, aside from Dew's later suggestion that the Ripper was the perpetrator, no suspects were named.

The amount of time that passed between the attack and Smith returning to her lodging house suggests that she was in a great deal of pain after the attack. She would not or could not describe her attackers, although she did let it be known that there was more than one man involved. It is generally assumed that Smith was attacked by one of the roving gangs who would beat up sex workers in order to rob them of their earnings, or that she had angered her pimps and they were punishing her for it. Either explanation highlighted the dangers of life in the East End for women who supported themselves with sex work.

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