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"How Henrietta Schmerler Was Lost, Then Found"
How Henrietta Schmerler Was Lost, Then Found by Nell Gluckman

This is an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, published October 14, 2018. It's about anthropology student Henrietta Schmerler who was murdered in 1931, and how her death has been represented in academia and especially the field of anthropology since. Schmerler had been sent to work on a reservation and was reported to have been last seen on horseback with an Apache man. The reason I've linked it here is this sort of discussion:

Quote:Perhaps she did not conduct herself as discreetly as she could. That language will sound painfully familiar not only to women who have faced sexual violence, but to anyone who has paid attention to our yearlong national reckoning over assault and harassment. Even after it’s become an axiom not to blame the victims, we still probe stories about sexual violence for explanations and moral lessons. There are many reasons for this; one of the subtler ones is so that we can tell ourselves that it won’t happen to us or the people we know — we wouldn’t make that mistake.

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