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Welcome! I'd like to start off with some explanation (and some expectations).

We’re here to have polite, thoughtful conversations about London’s East End somewhere around the year 1888. We’ll be sharing ideas, resources, and perspectives with others whose points of view likely differ. Because of this, we will do our best to be polite and to explain our reasoning when we disagree with each other, and we’ll also remember that this is a new thing and we’re still all learning.
Bear in mind that, since this is the internet, posts can and will be read with a certain amount of skepticism. Please do introduce yourself a bit or give more information on your background when making posts if you think it will help others see where you’re coming from. Share where you found your information or, if you feel comfortable doing so, what has led to your conclusions. Situate yourself where it seems relevant and safe to do so.
The main idea is to be nice. Thoughtful critique is acceptable. Name-calling is not.
It is important to understand what these discussions are about – or rather, what they’re not about. This is not a website about Jack the Ripper. We are not here for discussions about the Ripper’s real identity – there are other spaces for those kinds of conversations.
Why is it called “Sisters of the Abyss”?
While I was doing research for my book, I came across many epithets for the women who have forever been connected to Jack the Ripper. Most of them didn’t even make the women seem human – for example, terms like “flotsam.” “Sisters of the Abyss” struck a chord with me because they are indeed related in conversation, even though it’s not through anything they themselves did. I also wanted a name that did not directly invoke the Ripper so it would function as a clue to the purpose of these discussions.
What if I don’t know where my question/idea fits in the forums?
At this point, in the beginning, find the closest match. I’m just one person so I know I haven’t dreamt up all the areas people will be interested in talking about. My hope is that the forums will expand and change as needed to support the audience that comes, and I have no idea of predicting who or how many that will be.
But I want to talk about Jack the Ripper – suspects and that kind of thing.
Great! There are other boards elsewhere involved in just that. I'm sure Google will help you find what you're looking for.
What’s up with the email for registration?
Good question. People don’t seem to be getting them, but I can approve requests when I sign in without you needing that email. 

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